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2015 THA Officers & Board Members

President:           Maggie Szymanski

Vice Pres:          Alicia Darling

Treasurer:          Rachael McCaulley

Secretary:          Genny Thompson

Adult At Large:  Jeramie West, Sue St. Clair, Stephanie Hill

Youth At Large : Jordan Carnes, Grace Ponos, Kayla Tyndall

Tarheel Horsemans Association INC

The purpose of the Tarheel Horsemans Association is to stimulate and promote equine exhibition  sportsmanship. The Tarheel Horsemans Association operates in accordance with AQHA Rules, Tarheel Horseman's Association, Inc. Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. Robert's Rules of Order will be our guide to Parliamentary Procedure at all meetings.

We encourage input from club members to continue to improve the quality of the Tarheel Horsemans Association and our shows. Remember, you don't have to own or show a horse to become a part of the club.   We are looking for people with a love for equine exhibition. Come Join Us!

Check out the NC Horse News website here.